South Natomas

Happy Families

  1. ​​ ​Words cannot how grateful we are that A***** has had you for a teacher this last year! Your support and positivity were just what she and her Moms needed! You have set the bar high for her future Teachers. Thank you.
    Patricia Davidson
  2. I don't have experience with any other preschool but I have no complaints about Tiny Tots. The teachers are very attentive and sweet. My daughter sometimes needs a little more attention and teacher Ashley gladly gives it to her in order to make her feel comfortable. I've noticed a confidence in my daughter that she's never had before!
    Walter Leonard
  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE Tiny Tots Natomas! My son has been attending Tiny Tots for over a year and the EDGE program since January. The teachers are amazing. My son has learned so much, and is still enjoying learning! He starts Kindergarten in August and I feel Tiny Tots has given him the perfect stepping stone and the beginning knowledge to be a successful student in the classroom! We are going to miss all the students, teachers and parents we now consider friends. Keep up the amazing job and continue building our scholars of the future!! Xoxo
  4. This preschool is truly amazing! I did a thorough search throughout Natomas for an affordable preschool (it doesn't get more affordable than Tiny Tots!) that incorporated play, learning and socialization. I went on several site visits with this goal in mind and as soon as I visited Tiny Tots I knew it would be a perfect fit. The teachers at Tiny Tots are excellent! They really care about each and every student and are always available to answer questions. They do a great job of including parents in the preschool process as much as possible, including posting pictures and videos to a private Facebook page throughout the day. The families that attend Tiny Tots are wonderful and I've had a chance to meet some really great parents. I really can't say enough good things about this preschool. I feel very fortunate to have found it and personally I don't think this school is as well known in the community as I think it should be. So every chance I get I tell friends and family about our experience in hopes others can benefit from it as well. I'd give it 6 stars if I could;-)